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Posted at 2008-04-30 13:03:50 by kate

single white female?

How do you make friends without looking desperate or stalker-ish? What's a good opening line when you want to meet another parent? I had a mom send her kid over to talk to my kid, just so she could ask about my hair. It felt weird and forced, but we did end up talking, so I guess it worked. I am usually not spontaneous enough to find an opening line that doesn't feel awkward and dorky. Do you have a standby that works?

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Posted at 2008-02-29 09:26:58 by marc

Public Enemy?

To Chuck E. Cheese or not to Chuck E. Cheese, -- that is the question.

I've never been to one and for some reason I have an aversion. I'm pretty sure it's just a faint memory of the movie "Parenthood" that makes me vow to never go.

Is it founded?

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Posted at 2008-02-11 08:02:31 by marc

Digital Camera for Kids

As a potty-training prize, we promised our 3-year-old a digital camera. After much discussion and searching we could not find a definitive winner.

We initially bought a Polaroid Pixie because it does 3 mega-pixel pictures. The thing rattled out of the box, burned through batteries, ruined our SD card, and took some pretty good pictures. We returned that one.

Now we have the V-Tech Kidizoom. The pictures don't hold a candle to the Pixie, but the batteries have held out and the kid figured out how to switch to video mode.

The in-laws think a real camera is the way to go, but after watching the new camera take a few tumbles, I'm not sure we should go that route.

Anyone have any good experiences with a kid's digital camera?

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Posted at 2008-01-02 09:21:03 by marc

Hitting and Biting

What do you do when your child becomes a hitter or a biter? Time outs do not appear to be working.

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Posted at 2007-12-10 13:36:02 by marc

Holiday Season

We have two sons (3.5 and 1.5 yrs).

Christmas is coming.

Whenever we think of a gift to get for the younger brother, we imagine the older brother commandeering the gift. Anyone have any ideas for a gift that won't be hijacked?

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Posted at 2007-11-29 23:54:13 by mandi3067

I should have married a dentist

Do you brush your kids teeth every night? Are we the only horrible parents out there that just don't think about it? Everyday at some point I look at my children and say "We have to brush your teeth tonight." But most nights I think about it about 30 minutes after they go to bed. Then again in the morning when we get to preschool I think "Shoot! I forgot again!!!" At what point during the crazy, running around, getting into pj's, reading stories and getting into bed part do you actually stop to brush their teeth?

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Posted at 2007-09-20 12:43:39 by kate

waiter, there's a choking hazard in my soup.

What did you have to mail back to the company? Have you received your replacements yet? Have you changed the way you shop as a result of all of the recent recalls of toys?

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Posted at 2007-09-07 16:08:16 by kate

more about poop.

Anyone with potty trained kids get from the state of always pooping in a pull up to pooping in the potty? Nothing is working. We are feeling helpless.

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